Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 03-29-2015
Who else thinks of Coachella because of this kind of site? Haha. I noticed that the Coachella fest has this kind of warm vibe due to the afternoon sunlight when the sun's just about to set. But that's just that. Of course, Coachella is way more legit and greater when it comes to music and artists. I'm not comparing anything here, so peace out.Nonetheless, Gadja 2015 is still just a baby on its first steps so we don't get to expect too much. For all of you may have known,…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 12-01-2014
Who says Univercity is just for students? Yes, majority of the attendees are students but I bet this event is for everyone to enjoy. Also, happy birthday to this guy! It's like he's having a very huge party with 1000+ guests. Haha.We got there pass 5pm already and we didn't regret it because if we got there earlier (the event was opened by 12 noon) we will get ourselves absolutely dirty and muddy and smelly all at the same time. The rain was on and off and the ground was disgustingly…
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