Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 05-25-2014
I had to meet up someone @ Ayala regarding business matters after which I had nowhere else to go so I beeped this girl up coz we had a misunderstanding and I want to talk to her and it was just the perfect time. :)There she goes. My adorable "best friend".Good thing she learns fast she can be my personal photographer haha!Yep, I should start working out because my arms are getting fat. Wait, I am getting fat. :/© Erika Jayne CuiThis! So love this shot.I didn't even asked her to…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 05-23-2014
This is Yang, a 10-month old half dachshund half idk-the-breed-of-her-dad (but I think it was a Terrier). She almost looked like her mother who died after giving birth to her and to her brother Yin. Yang has a twin brother Yin. Yes they are our YinYang dogs. She's so adorable and sweet and she's picky with the food she eats. She is so cheerful and aggressive too, just like her mother.This is why we called them Yin and Yang. :3xxxxxxJust another blog post to test our new toy mehehe and to populate…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 04-22-2014
Thanks Tori for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award!About (from the source)Many of you may have heard of, or been presented with the Liebster award.For the unaware, this award are exclusively for blogs with fewer than 1000 followers. The award is a way of making connections with other people and blogs, a way of discovering new content! I mean, who doesn't want to find new friends and great new blogs who you may never had found otherwise?The rules are:Write 11 random facts about yourselfAnswer 11 questions submitted by the…
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