Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-09-2016
I haven't really featured a lot of bloggers here in my blog. I have been wanting to build this series where my readers would get to know about a few top bloggers in their respective niches. Thanks to the DigitalPro Bootcamp, I am now able to proceed what I started. To get me going, I'd like to introduce you to Cebu's Top Food Blogger, Carlo Olano, the mastermind of Kalami Cebu.I met Carlo during the first Cebu Blogging Community meet-up and that time I didn’t really know what he actually…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 04-18-2015
On a random day, someone messaged me for another blog to design and to my surprise, it was a dude! We talked about things concerning his blog and all 'til he found out that I am also a blogger myself. He immediately invited me to do a collab with him which I found really cool and interesting since I have never been part of one. We then planned to have the theme to be something summer or Boho-ish to match with the current season.To also flesh out the collab even…
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