Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 05-01-2017
A new avenue for glamour and beauty products opens its doors to the beauty enthusiasts of Cebu as Perfect Secret sets up shop at SM Seaside City Cebu!Their opening was quite of a grand affair fitting what the store is all about and what it sets to be pretty well! It's quite open and welcoming, in that with one look even from outside, you can immediately see their various items ranging from fragrances, make-up, and quite a number of different cosmetic products all of which, happen to be imported and all priced…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-13-2016
As far as makeup is concerned, I do believe that it is one way for us women to gain confidence and that we wear it for ourselves and not to impress others. Anyone who wants to wear it, should. It's one of our ways in expressing ourselves as the women we are. Some people should stop criticizing those who wear makeup for it is their choice and we should respect that.Speaking of which, I'm no beauty junky, but one thing's for sure, eyebrows are everything! When talking about beauty and…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-25-2016
Many people think of laser skin tightening procedures as being quick, permanent fixes for annoying wrinkles and sagging skin. However, not all of the assumptions made about the procedures are true. Not only that, but like any medical procedure, laser treatments have their good and bad sides.The Results of Laser Treatments Are Not Always Quick or Permanent First of all, laser procedures don't always produce fast results. Some of them do, like laser skin resurfacing, but laser skin tightening is a little different. Sometimes a tightening procedure might  not show any…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 08-25-2016
Months ago I was contacted by Irresistible Me to review one of their best selling products. I got really excited because it's a flat/curling iron. A few months passed while waiting for the package to arrive, I had my hair permed and now it's basically curly. So what will I do with the flat iron that's on its way and is waiting to be reviewed? I don't want to straighten my permed hair with it, though. Thank goodness I have sisters who have long straight hair and I made one…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 03-13-2016
We all have heard this at some point: "There's an app for that!" True enough, there seems to be an app for almost everything, and that is by no means an understatement. Even those in search of great skin care products, services, or just tips and tricks are now utilizing mobile devices and apps. Mobile technology has massively increased the value of many beauty brands over the years, and even the consciousness of people on their looks and appearance has increased in correlation to technology.Mobile has come a long way…
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