Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-25-2016
Many people think of laser skin tightening procedures as being quick, permanent fixes for annoying wrinkles and sagging skin. However, not all of the assumptions made about the procedures are true. Not only that, but like any medical procedure, laser treatments have their good and bad sides.The Results of Laser Treatments Are Not Always Quick or Permanent First of all, laser procedures don't always produce fast results. Some of them do, like laser skin resurfacing, but laser skin tightening is a little different. Sometimes a tightening procedure might  not show any…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-19-2016
Oh, I looove long weekends. Well, who doesn't even? Cebu just had a 4-day weekend last September 9 to 12. To make the days count, my workmates and I spent the long weekend at Bantayan for three days and two nights. Initial plan was just only for 2 days and a night but we found it hard to resist Bantayan and it was a long weekend anyway, so we opted for an extension. I'm planning to make a blog post plus a video about our trip so you better keep…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-12-2016
Gotta love bazaars with stores that sell lots'a cool stuff and food, and where you also get to meet amazing people, co-bloggers, and even social media friends that you still haven't seen in person. Last September 3 to 4 was Pop District Bazaars first anniversary. I only got the chance to go on the first day but I still definitely had a good time. I was also able to finally meet a good and ever beautiful blogger friend, Elish! Even though it was kinda brief (because I needed to go home…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-08-2016
Have you ever considered yourself traveling alone?That was one of the questions I kept asking myself before I learned to finally pursue it. I was always afraid of being alone and I didn't really like the thought of having no company at all. But our preferences change as we mature and learn more about life. I have never been more excited, inspired, and challenged of the thought of traveling alone and El Nido, Palawan was a pretty great start for my first ever solo trip.A little backstory, this trip wasn't…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 09-06-2016
Summer is coming to a close, but now we have that awkward stage of transitioning into cooler weather. Whether you’re going back to school or just trying to savor what’s left of summer, here are some stylish ‘fits that will help you make the transition seamless. The monochromatic look is all over your Instagram feed--and for good reason. Neutral tones are super versatile for any season, so you can consider this one a staple in your closet. Not into patterns? This eye-catching color block design will make you want to get…
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