Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-23-2016
Valentine's day is really a big thing here in the Philippines. Every heart's day, loads of couples go out and about and spend the entire day with each other. Even boys feel obliged to give gifts such as good-old chocolates, roses and stuffed toys. My boyfriend is lucky enough to not have a girlfriend with those standards. Ha! All I needed was his presence and a simple movie date. We watched "Deadpool" and it was a really fun experience. (If ever you haven't watched it, you can go check this…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-22-2016
I'm actually not a Globe user for the sole reason that most of my friends and colleagues are currently not using the said network. Thankfully, I got a free Globe sim card and it has been a great help in reaching out to some of my friends and relatives since the sim card is pre-loaded with 500 worth of regular load letting me communicate to all other mobile networks.I recently availed their SURF20 promo that's exclusive in Cebu. Yes, it's entirely dedicated for Cebuanos. If you are currently inside Cebu,…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-21-2016
I haven't really been to fancy food places lately but just recently I got invited into one of Cebu's more sumptuous restaurants, The Social, to witness (and taste, basically!) a classic food and wine pairing. To those who are new to The Social, it is an Australasian-European cafe, bar and music hub owned and operated by Tadcaster Hospitality. It was my second time to dine at The Social and I always loved the place not only because of its elegant and romantic ambience, but also because they serve really appetizing food. You…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-15-2016
I finally did some hair color changing! I obviously chose bluegreen. So, I decided to go to this place we call The Outlets because they've really gone artsy on their walls over there. If you noticed, it matched my hair. I belong. Haha! The perfect spot for this OOTD.I didn't really think that my hair would end up looking as beautiful as this. Well, on the first few days, it did. My ends have been losing its bluegreen-ness. I did kinda feel a lil' somber when my bluegreen colored ends started…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 02-14-2016
We never really forget nor even think of neglecting chocolates most especially on Valentine's day. Everybody loves chocolates! One thing is certain, there is only one key to every heart and we may have found the perfect key to unlock romance this Valentine's Day.Valentine's Day is about making an impression by marrying the fine art of chocolate and romance with genuine elegance - and who better than the French? This passionate collection of fine Valentine's Day gifts are available for delivery worldwide. This Valentine's Day, give away the key to your heart.…
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