Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-27-2015
It was one fine sunny Sunday morning. Just kidding. The sun was beaming hot when we got to Streetscape. Good thing, Ram brought an umbrella, or else we would've gotten ourselves fried. Guess I would never stop complaining about the Philippine weather because it just totally sucks. Now you get the idea why this post is titled as such. But since I wore a halter top, I could favorably just take off the cardigan I brought with me whenever I felt hot.Remember my last post in the place? You can…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-25-2015
What's your dream wedding? Is it during a glorious sunset kissing a pristine beach's sugar white sand? Whether you're wearing your favorite sandals or just going barefoot with your toes getting a feel of the warm and soft sand as you walk your way down the aisle towards the arms of the one you love the most, you gotta be wearing the most beautiful wedding dress and nothing less.Cocomelody provides you just that. The most beautiful and alluring beach wedding dresses just for you! Beach wedding dresses can vary from the typical ones because…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-20-2015
Last October 10 was the #ILuvCebuInstameet held at Montebello Villa Hotel. An event where we get to "instameet" friends from #iLuvCebu and the #Cebu #instagram communities! It was themed "Nice to Meet You" participated by around 50 Instagrammers. You can click this link to know more about the event.I opted in wearing something comfy but still snazzy! So I brought this look to the instameet and didn't regret it. And yes, I got a new pair of shoes! All thanks to my beau, he bought me these as his birthday gift for me. A…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-18-2015
I'm really a sucker when it comes to beauty products. Whenever I decide to buy a product that I have never tried before, I always end up with the terrible ones and regret ever purchasing it. There was one time I bought something online and as far as I could remember it was a set of whitening soaps and it was kinda costly. The morning I took my bath and tried the soap on, I eventually felt something irritating on my face. I didn't bother at first because I was…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 10-15-2015
Have you ever had a day out and were not able to plan or just couldn't decide which outfit to wear and just told yourself, "Ugh screw it, I'm gonna wear whatever's wearable!"? That's what I did, and came up with this look. Just typical Katherine with all the black, white and gray. The white kicks aren't even mine for I only borrowed them from my sister. Good thing she didn't wear them to school or else I would've ended up with my slip-ons again which are now too overused…
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