Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 01-31-2015
I just recently discovered this cafe and I instantly fell in love with it not because it is an anime themed cafe (I am not into anime) but because its interiors are white. White is love. Also black. 😊This is absolutely cool. These are the walls in the famous anime Attack On Titan. They are intentionally positioned in a way that resembles the wall layers from the said anime show.We were the first people to come, I think. I even thought there's no one around because it was really quiet.I'm about…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 01-26-2015
My Saturday will never be complete without an outfit post. So here's another one.Wondering about that obvious band-aid on my knee? Thanks to that, it covered my more-obvious scar I obtained about a month ago.And this shirt of course! Talking about the title, I am not that a fan of The 1975 but I do admit I like their music. Really do. And I listen to them,This shirt is a gift from Kawaii Kringles Merch. I tell you, their items really are of high quality. The cloth is 100% cotton…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 01-25-2015
I was too lucky to have discovered this place because of asking someone I don't even know on Facebook about the place where they had their photo shoot. It's in Cafe Racer! A newly opened diner located at the North Reclamation Area. You cannot find any jeepneys that go along this area so you may need to go there with a cab if you don't have your own car.I made a separate post about my outfit so you may need to check this out if you want to more about it…
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 01-13-2015
I almost forgot about this post. Should've published this together with this and this post. Anyhow, here it is. Nothing much.x
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Posted By :Date :katherineannika | 01-11-2015
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been conducting promotions. I'm new to this and it's really nice to have something new to start. Been looking for opportunities to step forward from this point of my life right now. You should, too!Tesseract Mnl (Instagram: @tesseractmnl) sent me two dainty and stylish hand chains that they, themselves, made and originated. I really like their designs! I am wearing their Hematite hand chain in this photo.Beanie from Glitters (Instagram: @_glitters_). Got this as a Christmas freebie together with the items I purchased from…
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